There are some mornings at GaijinWorks International Business Coaching where I wake up and feel like I’m being pulled in too many directions. You have so much input coming in at once while running your own business —whether that’s from people on your team, your clients, your coach, your family or your own stimulated mind. Frankly, it can be a bit overwhelming.


So what’s a busy woman like you to do?


Choose to not let it get that far.


How, you ask?


By taking a bird’s eye view of things. You can soar above it and see the forest through the trees, instead of being bogged down by the minutiae. It’s more productive to step back for a minute. Fly above all of those challenges you have throughout the day, all of those items on your to-do list, and give yourself a chance to breathe.


Don’t be bogged down by the minutiae, soar above it & see the forest through the trees


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Discovering how you can be most productive in your work day


When a bird is high in the sky, it almost looks like it’s floating, doesn’t it? It is tempting to start the day by jumping from small task to small task, like a squirrel darting from branch to branch. Instead follow the path of the bird and float above it all in the moments before you begin to work.


Follow the path of the bird & float above it in the moments before you begin to work.


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Make a hot cup of tea, sit in your favorite chair and see each thing you have to accomplish as a puzzle piece in your bigger business picture. This contemplative time is when the universe provides the answers to your questions, including “What is the most important task I have to do today?” Actually, you will be surprised  with what you can discover from way up there above the clouds when you take a bird’s eye view.


Most of all, discover what you can see from above the clouds when you take a bird’s eye view.


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