Have you ever watched one of those images on TV and it doesn’t go away?  For me that was a recent image of a starving child.  Now hang with me, I promise to make this positive and inspiring.

Some of you may or may not know that I am a DoTerra wellness advocate in addition to being a productivity coach. I’ve struggled with how to bring this out in a helpful way without diluting my main brand.

I woke up from a deep sleep this morning with a solution.  It was never my intention to have a second business and I resisted this one for a long time.  But the essential oils have helped me sleep, helped me with back pain, helped my husband with body aches ( we aren’t in our twenties anymore ), gotten our daughter out of depression naturally, our grandson out of the principal’s office on a regular basis, my roommate out of gastric distress and the list goes on with my son’s favorite vitamins.  He is buff and goes to Crossfit almost daily. I would like to share them with you.

I share these oils locally almost exclusively wholesale and would like to offer the same only charge you more. What?  I may change this for my local business too 😊. So $2 above wholesale on the total order is your price or more if you want to donate more.  Anything above wholesale will be donated to charity for the Healing Hands foundation. They do magnificent work and are another one of my main draws to DoTerra besides their therapeutic value from being the purest oils in the world.

Plus I will give you my time for FREE to help you figure out which oils are best for you.  We will start with 15 minutes.  Book in here.


Know that I never charge to help people with their health.

Of course, being healthy is essential to good time management and will help you in your business too.  That is a separate conversation and there will be no pitches on these calls for my main biz.

My goal is to do something positive towards that first main image.  Healing Hands gives all its proceeds to the amazing folks all over the world it works with.  Here’s a link to discover what and here’s a link to my separate DoTerra website if you want to take a look and take me up on my offer.



Out of the closet.  Done.

Sending you and your families tons of healing light and love.



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