This is a legitimate question and if you actually opened this email I’m going to give you half an hour instead of 15 minutes of a complimentary coaching session with me around time.

Some of you may know I’m somewhat of a health nut. I’ve studied holistic health for more than four decades. Hold on. This is really about time management.

Some of you may also know that I almost became a financial planner and love to save money. OK so instead of buying the ground Himalayan sea salt which is super expensive but very nutritious and worth all the minerals for me, I bought blocks or rocks of Himalayan sea salt because it was cheaper.

Have you ever tried to grind these rocks? In a coffee grinder?  How about chopping them with a big fat knife to make them more manageable to put in a coffee grinder? Careful of your fingers.  Yikes!  Laugh out loud.  I have.

Maybe you have dilemmas with your time management that feel like they are almost an impossible situation. You have chopped up your time or tried to get it into smaller and smaller chunks.

You still feel like you aren’t getting anywhere and your to do list keeps getting longer and longer. You have more projects than you can handle. What on earth were you thinking when you decided to become an entrepreneur? Did you really think it would give you more freedom of time? How about doubling the time that you were putting in at the office before you quit your job ? Relate?

Well  book your free Half an hour of coaching with me now.

I have opened up five slots on my calendar to get you ready for this fall. We are almost into Labor Day and then things will get even crazier.

Oh you want to know what I did with those rocks of Himalayan sea salt and how I finally figured it out?   Got second place in my MBA class for a reason or maybe I got lucky.  In any case, those Himalayan sea salt rocks do melt in  water and make a yummy addition to a soup.

Five spots open.  If you want some help melting those time blocks away.  Book here.

Sending you all tons of light and love.


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