Have you ever been asked to count how many staples you can staple in 15 minutes? I have been many years ago by a very big name company that I worked for. Perhaps they had brought in an efficiency expert but the very action of asking their employees to quantify such a trivial task had a very demoralizing effect.

This was not the only thing we were asked to count and many people left the company including me. Their overall strategy of trying to be efficient was definitely not effective and even though this was a national big-name business, it ended up going out of business within a year.

When it comes to our own businesses, it’s very easy to get mixed up between what is effective and what is efficient. Think about how you spend your day and how you manage your time.

How are you trying to be efficient?

There are some good ways to do this such as batching, a topic in a different blog.

Most of us have far too many items on our to-do list and feel that we are short on time. Make sure that what you are doing with your precious time is effective and helping you to achieve your goals.

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Sending you tons of light and love.


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