Hello and happy spring!

I hope you are enjoying the sweet spring weather! I know I’ve certainly been flinging the windows open, letting winter out, and welcoming in all the goodness spring offers.

For me, a welcome part of the season is engaging in the ritual of spring cleaning. This spring, I’ve really been having fun with my DoTerra essential oils. I’ve recently learned to use these oils to create my own very inexpensive household cleaners. This has been a delight – because not only am I saving money on cleaning supplies, I am saving storage space in the house as well, since my essential oils are now doing double-duty.

More importantly, however, I love knowing that I am cleaning my home using all-natural, non-toxic products. Saving money, saving space, and doing it in a healthful way that’s good for the planet – how wonderful is that? To top it all off, they smell delightful.

It is actually very simple to do, and I encourage you to play with these suggestions as you do your own spring cleaning. One really easy thing you can try, that doesn’t even require essential oils, is using good, old, regular Club Soda to clean your mirrors and windows. You’ll be amazed at how well it actually works!

I actually use it in tandem with my own homemade cleaner. To make this, I fill up a glass jar with water, add a bit of Bio-Clean or other organic, liquid soap up to the top, and then scent it with an essential oil (personally, I love grapefruit or peppermint). Keep in mind, you will want to use a glass jar, because DoTerra oils are so strong they will, over time, actually eat through plastic! Also, if you can, choose filtered water. It will be better for cleaning, as it does not have the mineral deposits ordinarily found in tap water.

I usually clean the windows with this cleaner first, especially my dirty, outdoor windows. I give them a good clean, then follow up with the Club Soda. The first time I did this, I was amazed at how fast and well it actually worked!

I also made an all-purpose disinfectant and cleaner, using my DoTerra oils. My family and I were all under the weather recently, and I really wanted some kind of antiseptic spray that I could disinfect the home with. I was really apprehensive to use cleaners with highly toxic ingredients like bleach or ammonia, so I turned to the amazing essential oil of melaleuca, otherwise known as tea tree. I once again took my glass jar, filled it with water and some organic liquid soap, and added about 20-30 drops of tea tree oil. (Tea tree, by the way, is a highly effective anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic essential oil.)

Well, it worked great! I was really pleased, knowing that I was disinfecting the home with something that was highly effective, yet non-toxic.

When I do my spring cleaning, clearing clutter is usually the first big task. Thanks to making my own cleaners, I have now reduced any clutter in my cleaning supplies cabinet to a simple three glass jars, and all of my essential oils. It makes cleaning so much more enjoyable!

It’s so good, at this time of year, to feel good about the cleaning products we’re using when we engage in our spring cleaning. When we are gentle with ourselves, and our homes, by using essential oils to clean with, we align ourselves even more with nature.

Once again, I find essential oils truly simplify my life, make things easier, and more full of joy.

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