One of the most important things we can do to maintain good health – physically, emotionally, and mentally – manages our stress.

In this blog post, I want to share some of the ways DoTerra essential oils have been helpful for stress management for me, and my family.

I’m sure some of you listening to this may have felt stress from time to time as you run your businesses. I know for myself, my objective is to minimize stress and bring as much joy into my work as possible. Sometimes running a full-time business along with maintaining a country home can have me going full out for weeks on end.

When I feel myself start to get overwhelmed, I know it’s time to relax and unwind – and pull out my DoTerra essential oils!

There are a few different ways to use DoTerra essential oils as an effective way to manage stress. You can apply them topically, on your wrist or feet. I know when I am feeling stress, I love to use bergamot and dab it on my wrists. The lovely perfumed aroma of bergamot really lifts me up. When my husband comes home after an exhausting day, I like to rub wild orange on his neck. It never fails to improve his energy and mood.

Alternatively, when I need a better night’s sleep, I like to dab lavender, vetiver, or Roman chamomile on my feet. I love the therapeutic effect these oils have on me, and by putting them on the bottom of my feet, it goes right into my bloodstream.

You can also use DoTerra oils internally, although be certain to read the label beforehand to ensure it’s safe to take. DoTerra oils are extremely pure, with no pesticides, and the oils are sourced from the best growing conditions in the world. Imagine – lemons grown in Italy, lavender grown in France, frankincense from the rich land of Oman!

Another way my husband and I enjoy the oils is by using an aromatherapy oil diffuser. I love it when my husband brings the diffuser into the bedroom at bedtime, and we enjoy soothing scents like lavender to lull us to sleep. This is highly relaxing, especially after a long and hectic workweek.

Even smelling one quick waft of my DoTerra oils is enough to return me to a place of calm.

Turning to these oils during a time of stress has helped me tremendously. Even smelling one quick waft of these oils is enough to return me to a place of calm. I can breathe deeply and remember to stay grounded.

These oils have been so helpful in keeping my family and myself in good health that I want to share them with all of you! That’s why if you sign up for my newsletter on my DoTerra business page, I will send you the wild orange oil absolutely free.