Have you ever recommended something to a friend or loved one and wondered how they will react? When the results are as breathtaking as what I’ll share below, you can’t help but feel good every time you think about it.

In the 40 years I’ve been practicing holistic health, I’ve discovered many alternative remedies that have improved mine and my family’s life. A few months ago, I began using doTERRA essential oils and I almost can’t believe the improvements I’m witnessing.

When I first sampled doTERRA’s line of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, I was eager for a solution to help me relax at night. I used Lavender oil on the bottom of my feet (to help it go straight into my bloodstream) and Serenity on my arms and elbows, and the benefit was immediate. I feel so relaxed when I use that combination and sleep comes much more easily.

For the dry red patches on my face, I use Frankincense and Immortelle, a facial serum from doTERRA with Frankincense as an ingredient. Frankincense is believed to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, which I have seen to be true as it has dramatically faded the red marks, leaving my skin softer, more clear, and youthful.

Frankincense also boosts the immune system, improves memory, combats depression, and is being studied in clinical hospital trials to deal with cancer cells. The list goes on and on.

Because of my belief in these natural wonders, I suggested to my husband, Lee that doTERRA essential oils may help with his injured elbow – the one he sustained from playing tennis. I knew it was causing him pain so when I saw a video of someone else with the exact same issue, I suggested Lemongrass oil and Deep Blue rub.

He was hesitant at first, shrugging it off and saying he would try it later. His skepticism to essential oils was understandable, as the results are pretty amazing, but I just knew they could help him if only he would try it.

The look on his face when he first experienced doTERRA oils is something I will always remember. He rubbed Lemongrass oil and Deep Blue rub all over his injured elbow as instructed and immediately, he felt relief. With wonder in his eyes, he just stared at me and exclaimed “I can’t believe it....it works! It doesn’t hurt anymore!”

I had to laugh. Of course it helped! That’s why I was so adamant in my suggestions. I watched as he went silent and continued rubbing oil all over his sore muscles, including his knees and his hamstrings. He even tested it on his persistent plantar fasciitis on his foot, and it helped to take the pain away.

When a friend of ours caught a whiff of the beautiful Lemongrass scent, she asked Lee what was going on and he told her about the essential oils. Inspired to try it for herself, she felt such immediate improvements from the Lemongrass oil on her sore shoulders and neck that she ordered some of her own.

Lee has become the best advocate ever. His natural inclination is to help people, so wherever he goes, he shares the wonder of doTERRA Essential Oils and lets others see how they can improve their health and promote wellness in such a simple, satisfying way.

These are the kind of improvements you can experience when using doTERRA Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. They are Certified Pure, easy to use, and so effective for a variety of health issues and conditions.

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