I was describing my philosophy and business of Feng Shui Time Management to a coach friend of mine the other day. I explained to her how I did not even like a rigid system myself but had figured out a way to stay focused on my priorities while being flexible with all the other elements of my life. She told me that she agreed that being focused and flexible was really important as an entrepreneur.

As I started thinking about the words focused and flexible, A Zen concept came to my mind.

My father used to tell me that I was like bamboo. At first, I didn’t understand. This was during a period of my life when I was in a great deal of turmoil, about to get a divorce, and about to raise my daughter as a single mother.

He explained to me that bamboo has very strong roots and may sway in the wind but doesn’t break. Of course, we all go through our periods of turmoil. I would even argue on a lighter note or a more serious business note that just being an entrepreneur causes turmoil.

The beauty of being an entrepreneur, however is that not only does it cause us tremendous turmoil but it brings us tremendous growth. As one of my first clients told me, having one’s own business is the best self-development school anyone could go to.

So as the winds blow about you and attempt to knock you over in their storm, remember that your values will give you strong roots. Ultimately when you stay flexible which is what I teach in Feng Shui Time Management, you have the advantage of adapting and honing and perfecting while you run your business.

Simplicity. Systems. Strategy.

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Sending you tons of light and love.


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