If you’ve ever been the passenger in a car with a newly licensed 16 year old driver at the wheel you know how critical focus can be.  Look at the road sweetheart…

Focus in your business should feel about the same way as driving with a new driver(without the fear of injury). You should  constantly check to make sure you are going where you need to go without distraction.

Sounds easy enough right?  

I know how challenging it can be to focus on your business when there are a million other things begging for your attention:  

  • Family
  • Work
  • Community
  • Household responsibilities
  • The rabbit hole that is social media.

To gain focus in your business it is critical to know your destination.  Ask yourself, where do you want your business to be next year?  

Write out the steps you need to take to get your business there. Then break those steps down into manageable tasks. 

Those manageable tasks are going to get you to where you want to be.  I tell my clients to write out three tasks for the day and rank them 1,2,3 by importance.  If you only get #1 done that’s great, the next day your #2 becomes #1 and you add another priority.  By focusing on one small task at a time I guarantee you will feel less overwhelmed at the work that needs to be done to move your business forward.

It gets weird when I’m working at a cafe or the beach but you know what, it works for me.  

When you are able to focus clearly on your business you will be able to achieve the life you set out to live when you started your business. 

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