Every time the beautiful, budding spring comes back around I am reminded about the changing seasons of life. Mother Earth follows her own set of rhythms each year—winter followed by spring followed by summer followed by fall (in the Northern hemisphere anyway). These natural seasons really do affect us. We are biological beings, not just little machines doing, doing, doing and being productive all day—even though sometimes we might think that’s what we are!

I want you to think about honoring the rhythms of the seasons in your business and in your body and in your day and in your life.

When my kids were little, I left everything else behind and focused on them, and that was probably the best decision I ever made in my life. My MBA, all of my former careers, they didn’t hold a candle to spending time with my growing children. Because those children were only going to be young once. I could put my MBA on pause—and indeed I did do that, picking it back up when I turned 50—if it allowed me to spend more time watching my children be children.

If you’re a mom, I want you to think about that. It’s okay if you have one hour in your day that’s for you to spend on your business. If it’s exhausting for you to be a mom and run your business at the same time, then come on, let’s talk, because there ARE ways to do it.

In every single day, there are rhythms. Honor them. Think about when you’re getting tired. Use that time to do something a little less strenuous. Do you feel fully energized? Then let’s go, go, go. Work with that rhythm! That’s the time to tackle the stuff that looks harder to you on the onset.

I promise that when you go with your rhythms, as a being of nature, things will just flow more easily. Things will be smoother. They will be more fun. More joyful. And that’s what we want, isn’t it? More joy in our work? I know I do. I want things to flow in my life. I want it easy. I want it fun. I want it FULL of joy.

And I want to share that joy, and I want to share that peace and go out and help other people, show other people how they can experience this same joy in their lives too. When you start honoring your rhythms and making space for joy, other people around you will take notice and start doing the same—your kids, your husband, your friends, your clients, your neighbors. You’ll create a little ecosystem of serenity and flow. When it’s peaceful around you, it’s easier to find peace within you. 

In the comments below share with us when you feel the most energized in your day.

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