I went to the hospital today. No big deal. Standard diagnostic MRI test. Once I got home, I thought the experience was worth sharing with you. I promise to be brief and to have a point about time management.

I arrived early. I knew being the first patient the first thing in the morning that it would be important for me to be on time or early because it would affect their schedule and the schedule of all the following patients the entire day.

One of the technicians was on time for separate x-rays and one of the technicians was running late obviously having a little bit of a hard day. So I returned to the waiting room and after time got my turn. Again no big deal.

As the second technician was processing my records to send with me back to the doctors office, she realized, poor thing, that she had run the wrong test on me.  She was running late and had not taken a few minutes to look at the doctor’s orders which was normally her habit.

Time management Tip number one from this experience.

Do things carefully even when you are running late. It will save your skin in the long run.

So now, not only was she running late from the earlier part of the morning, but she had to completely redo my test and she had to do a longer test which took a long time. She felt so bad.

And this is really the most important time management take away for me. How do you expect this experience was going to affect the rest of her day? I knew how I would feel. And I really didn’t want her to feel that way or bad so when she told me how bad she felt I just told her no worries because we all make mistakes. I’m positive you would’ve said the same thing.

I focused during the MRI on the thought that I was so grateful to be able to give her some ease to her day. I also thought that maybe this would help me to forgive myself my many many mistakes in life.

This is the Takeaway I want to give you. Think about how easily you forgive other people’s mistakes. And think about how easily you forgive your own mistakes. Think about how much time you would save if you gave yourself the same generous attitude.

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Sending you tons of light and love.

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