Benefits of less time?!!!! Karen, have you gone off the deep end? Have you any idea how long my to do list is? How crazy I’m already feeling with everything I have to do? How could there possibly be any benefits to having less time?

Well as a fellow entrepreneur, sometimes I do feel like I’ve fallen off the deep end. But honestly, if you work within a system, less time can actually Force you to be more productive.

The key to getting more done with less time is:

1) establish your values now in your heart and on paper. Exactly what is truly important to you? I’m talking about the whole you, all of you, not just business, not just life but all of you. What do you really value? What is really important?

2) From there, establish your priorities and keep it simple. Simplicity. Systems. Strategy. That is my motto.

3) Be kind to yourself. Only set up three priorities for the next day. Remember that if you get even one done, give yourself an A+. Try this. Try limiting your priorities per day to three. if you get one done today, start with number two tomorrow then number three and allow yourself only one more. This is extremely productive. It also puts you in the flow. Try it and let me know in the comments below. Send me an email if you have questions or to set up a free 15-minute productivity session to start customizing this for you.

Have a beautiful day above all and enjoy this fabulous season. Sending you tons of light and love.


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