A very happy New Year to our readers! I’m thrilled to have finished 2014 strong and come through the Christmas season and into 2015 knowing myself, my family and my business better than ever. I’m thrilled to be writing this blog post to you from Chicago, where my husband and I are visiting our son and his partner. Being with my family brings me such joy, and I am endlessly grateful to have an online business that allows me to work anywhere I am in the world.

​I know for many of you, location independence is one of the reasons why you might start your own business. You’re attracted to this glorious idea of working from your laptop on a beach or on a yacht or maybe even just from your pajamas in bed! And often, we get this idea that we want to work for ourselves before we have any clarity around what it is that we want to do.

​If you’re just beginning your business or if you’ve been running your business for awhile and you’ve found yourself in a new phase of head scratching, you are going to love our new blog series. Our focus for this series is clarity, and it’s an important one.

​When you don’t have clarity in your business, it’s hard to accomplish much of anything. You find yourself starting and stopping, grasping at straws and hoping that things fall into place. And while a bit of experimentation is absolutely okay, it can be very frustrating to a new entrepreneur when it doesn’t feel like things are lining up the way she wants them to.

​You may remember that in 2014 we launched a blog series on time management. If you haven’t read those pieces, I recommend that you go back and give them a read—especially this one on Stephen Covey and this one on the Fly Lady.

​If you read those pieces, then you already know that I like to teach through visuals. (Stephen Covey and putting big rocks in a bucket come to mind.) Today I am going to give you a brand-new metaphor to focus on when it comes to clarity: a jigsaw puzzle.

​The first thing about a jigsaw puzzle is that it IS surmountable. You can finish it. You can assemble it and see results. There is a bigger goal you are working towards, and the end result is clear. Your business is the same. The goals that you have in your business are achievable, and you can reach them piece by piece.

"The goals that you have in your business are achievable, and you can reach them piece by piece."

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​When you want more clarity in your business, start with the pieces you can identify. Just as you might look for those jigsaw puzzle pieces with the straight side to go around the edge of your puzzle, look for the foundational pieces of your business and focus your attention on them to achieve the clarity you’re looking for.

"Look for the foundational pieces of your #business and focus your attention on them."

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​Depending on what kind of puzzle doer you are, you might also choose to identify certain images that you dream about when it comes to your business. Think about the cover of the puzzle box. There’s usually one or two areas that draws your attention. There are probably corresponding pieces in your business that do this as well. Perhaps you’ve got your mind set on getting clarity around your packages, or perhaps it’s your pricing that you’re struggling to get clear on.

​It won’t always go according to plan. Sometimes you’ll pick up a piece and have to set it back down again for later. Sometimes you’ll have to flip it over or try to place it in a completely new place. That’s okay. It doesn’t always have to work. Just keep going.

"When it comes to getting #clarity for your business, the only way forward is one piece at a #time."

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​In the comments below, tell us what puzzle piece you’ve decided to work on today to find clarity in your business.

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