Did you know that the words you say to yourself can have an enormous impact, even though you’re the only one who hears them? It’s true. You can call it woo woo if you want to, but it’s actually backed by hard science. Look no further than the quintessential work by Masaru Emoto “The Hidden Messages in Water.”

Emoto took samples of regular old H20 and channeled various, concentrated thoughts to them (much like you do when you’re saying an affirmation). What Emoto discovered was that when he spoke loving, gentle sentiments to the water, it had a positive effect. Water crystals that heard praise and things like “I love you” changed shape to become beautiful, symmetrical masterpieces, while the water crystals that were on the receiving end of nasty, angry words turned jagged and broken. Clearly, Emoto had discovered something groundbreaking: What you say to yourself mentally results in physical changes too.

"What you say to yourself mentally results in physical changes too." #affirmations

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How can we harness the power of the positive thought for ourselves?

Simple: by repeating affirmations.

Essentially, an affirmation is you talking to yourself, either out loud or in your mind. It’s a set of words you repeat to yourself over and over and over, and it actually changes our belief patterns and the very way our brains work—for the better.

If you think about it, you’re already telling yourself things all day long. Affirmations just allow you to do that deliberately and with a positive purpose. So instead of repeating to yourself, “I can’t do it, “I don’t have the time,” or “I can’t afford it,” you can flip those thoughts on their head by saying, “I can do it,” “I do have the time,” and “I can afford it.” This practice becomes incredibly important for women entrepreneurs, especially when you consider all of the projects and habits we’re managing at once.

It’s easy to go into overwhelm, is it not? It sure is for me, and I’m willing to guess that it’s the same for you. When that happens, one thing we can do is be proactive with our internal thoughts.

No matter what other people are saying to us, we can talk to ourselves in a way that we appreciate. In a way that nurtures us and encourages us.

Instead of saying to ourselves, “Oh my. Writing a book would be just too big of a task,” we can change our tunes with an affirmation. Swap out that negative, can’t-do-it attitude in favor of telling yourself, “Yes, I can write for 15 minutes today.” And suddenly, you’ve opened yourself up to a whole new world of possibility.

"You can use #affirmations to shift your perspective on almost anything."

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You can use affirmations to shift your perspective on almost anything. “Yes, I can network for 15 minutes today. Yes, I can control what food I put into my body to give myself more energy and support my actions. Yes, I can send that guest blogging pitch.” Affirmations allow you to remind yourself every day of all of the things you’re capable of.

"Affirmations allow you to remind yourself every day of all of the things you’re capable of."

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We talked on previous blogs about staying within your strengths, so before you jet off to write your own set of eye-opening affirmations, I want to remind you that your goal here isn’t to lie to yourself. Focus on the things that you CAN do. For example, I’m not over here telling myself to hang glide, because I wouldn’t be good at it and frankly, I don’t want to! But maybe you’re great at it. Maybe that IS your strength. And if you want to be a better hang glider then, by God, create an affirmation around it! (I’ll watch you from a safe distance on the ground.)

I also want to remind you that what you’re telling yourself should be within your capabilities. It has to be, or you won’t believe it! I wouldn’t recommend an affirmation like, “Yes, I can write a whole book,” because that might be biting off more than you can chew. But you can say, “Yes, I can sit down for 15 minutes today while my toddler is napping and write part of a chapter.” And tomorrow, do the same. And the day after. Before you know it, your dream is within reach.

Now I want to hand it over to you. Share three of your own affirmations with our community in the comments below. This is your time to not only be accountable to yourself but also to encourage the other women here to reach their goals too.

I’ll start us off with 3 of my own affirmations:

  • Yes, I can finish up that top secret freebie I’m creating for you.
  • Yes, I can make the time to call my daughter today.
  • Yes, I can fit in one more clarity kickstart session before the week ends.

Tell us in the comments below, what can YOU do?

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