Are you caught up with your work? As I saw one important email come in after the other, I deliberately ditched my emails and headed for the pool.
It was time for a decision then. Was I going to take care of myself today and get my exercise in or continue on that wheel of work until exhausted 😩?


So I ditched my emails


Opted for the pool of course and thought about sharing this with you as I was swimming my 1600 yards. By the way, swimming is a great underwater meditation and a great way to process thoughts if you ever get stuck.   Also walking can serve the same purpose.
As our businesses grow, it’s my opinion that you can’t get caught up!


What’s possible is to prioritize and to know exactly what the most important items on your to-do list are.


Have you scheduled your three priorities for tomorrow? Let me know in the comments below.  Yes or no and if you want to share, what they are.


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