I have been working this past year on putting together an online course on time management. It is called Feng Shui Time Management, and I am hoping to release it this summer. I’ve been working on this project with my good friend, Katie Gillis.

While we were collaborating, Katie told me a sweet story that I want to share with you today. She had a musician friend who she once asked, “What do you think is the most important part of creating music?” He paused, and replied, “The rest notes.”

The rest notes. I love this!

So we have put this into our time management course, because we both agreed it is a cool concept. Even beyond the course, it’s one that I’ve started to use in my own calendar.

Creating this online course gave Katie and I the chance to deeply reflect on the concept of time. As we are both super busy entrepreneurs, you can imagine the fun discussions Katie and I have had.

What I have observed, through my conscious application of ‘rest notes’ in my calendar, is that when I do this, it resonates and ripples throughout all of my life. It is in these rest notes that the most important parts of our lives take place. The rest notes allow us to acknowledge and hear the music. It allows us to feel the joy of being with loved ones, or ease into the real peace of downtime.

For me, the rest notes are those times that I have been able to sit and talk with my family. I have such fond recollections of family reunions in the mountains of Colorado. This is the home that my great granddad established way back then. It is a precious place to me. I have a huge family, whom I love very much and am very close to. And these giant family reunions are a wonderful rest note for me.

The rest notes are what help us to connect. If we sit there and connect with each other, even if you just rest and use a rest note for yourself, these are really precious spots in our day.

My calendar is full of these rest notes.

Even pausing to appreciate that I get to record this podcast is a rest note that makes me feel connected. As I pause and look out the window to see apricots ripening, I feel connected to the land around me.

The rest note is a pause in the music, and this is what I am inviting you to do with your calendar. Actually schedule rest notes throughout your days, your weeks, your months. Schedule your pauses. It is so easy to become driven and all of a sudden find ourselves out of breath and energy and exhausted. Put your rest notes on your calendar, and then pause. And breathe. You can put rest notes of one minute or twenty minutes, it’s up to you. But fill that rest note with something that fills you, connects you to yourself, others, or nature, and honor it when it comes.

Let me know how you are using your rest notes by leaving a comment below. Have you tried putting them in your calendar? What is your favorite ‘rest note’ activity? I look forward to continuing the conversation with you below.

If this blog resonates for you, please feel free to reach out. I would love to learn more about how I may support you and your business. Sending you tons of love and light!

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