Andreea Ayers on Social Marketing Tribe

Last night I was listening to Andreea Ayers’  incredible presentation on Social Marketing Tribe, and what she said sooo reinforced one of my practices. Andreea was recommending that entrepreneurs begin their days not with email (like so many of us do!) but instead with their big projects.

In my own business, first thing in the morning is when I spend time on those things that take a little extra brainpower, like strategy and creative work. Then I move on to the smaller things. It’s really important for me NOT to do my emails right away, or I won’t have any juice left over for the stuff my business needs to grow.

You don't have enough time...

As a business coach, I often hear my clients say there’s simply not enough minutes in the day to accomplish everything they desire. I used to feel like my day ran away from me too, until I discovered a completely new way of looking at time.

Do you feel your day 'ran away' from you? Find out how you can create more time.


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I realized that we are actually the CREATORS of our time. If that sounds strange to you, stick with me—I’ll explain what I mean. But in order to do that, let’s take a quick trip to the beach. It will be just you, me, and one of my biggest business mentors, Mr. Stephen Covey.

"We are actually the CREATORS of our time." - @GayHendricks . Find out how you can create more time. 


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Visualizing your time

We head down to the water, and Mr. Covey instructs you to find a sand pail and hold it in your hand. This sand pail represents all of the time available to us in one day. On the ground in front of you, you see two piles of rocks. In the first pile, you have the big chunks. These represent the large projects you have to work on today. The second pile is made of tiny pebbles. These represent the small things in your schedule, like checking email or posting on social media.

Imagine that it’s time to fill the bucket. What happens if you start by pouring in the little pebbles?

The bucket overflows before you even get a chance to add in the big rocks. If you try to add your larger rocks on top of those pesky little pebbles, they spill out onto the sand, or your bucket tips right over and you lose it all.

But what happens if you put the big rocks in the bottom of your bucket first, and then pour the little pebbles on top? Everything has a lot more room to breathe. You can fill your pail effortlessly, and it remains stable.

Making time for things that matter

I invite you to fill your own bucket of time with the big projects your heart desires before you add in the little pebbles. You will instantly feel like you’ve created an abundance of time. 

Learn how to create an abundance of time so that you can pursue your hearts desire.


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