Hi friends,

I, like you, have many many projects that I’m working on. I’m babysitting a three-month-old darling little granddaughter, working a part-time job on the weekends to help me pay off some debts, And oh, by the way, yes building two businesses as well as the usual health fitness and household tasks.

In feng shui time management I love to teach the concept of peace and flow and ease.

With so many tasks on my to do list, there is only one way that I have figured out how to do this.
That is to be super clear on my values and then to prioritize based on those values. This takes me out of my head as much as possible and out of the feeling of guilt as much as possible.
All this said, laugh out loud, things always always always take longer than I expect. Plus quite frankly, once I have things set and under control, I find that my body and my spirit call out for some rest. I’m betting that your body and spirit call out for some rest at least occasionally if not every single day.
I’m encouraging you to follow those body signals and mind signals and get that rest. Get some sleep, rest for a bit. Get some playtime in. It’s truly productive and you will find that your work goes faster.
If you focus on one major project at a time, I promise you that you will see progress and that the frustration can actually become close to non-existent.  Everyone around you and most importantly yourself will notice that you have this balance and calm.
Tell me in the comments below what strategies you use to manage all your tasks.

My motto as always. Simplicity. Systems. Strategy.

Sending you tons of light and love this glorious holiday season.

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