Worried about Time and money challenges?

We all have challenges in our life. Some people get more challenges with time, some people get more challenges with money. Some people get challenges with both. I have had both in spades. How about you?

Amazingly enough, strategies for one are easily translated into strategies for both. Taking life as it comes.

Accepting it. Making a plan to deal with it. Even if life is changed all around you and you need to make a different plan than yesterday or last week.

Creating the strategy. Then breaking it down into baby steps to avoid overwhelm. Staying in the present is the only way to handle these challenges especially when they seem urgent.

Remember I am here for you on both fronts.

Today for fun, I’m going to share with you some content that I created for a visibility challenge that I am in. I would love to hear from you personally.

I will read each and every one of your emails telling me about your own unique traits and journeys. Or even better, we can hop on Zoom for 10 minutes and share stories over a virtual cup of tea.

Sending you tons of light and love.



P.S. Here’s the day one entry of my visibility challenge. ❤️

I believe in flow and freedom and ease when it comes to time management.  I call my course and philosophy Feng Shui Time Management.  I want to eliminate the notion that there is a cookie cutter version of time management where you have to fit into someone else’s boxes. My coaching program is $97 currently, making it super affordable and is customized for each individual.
In terms of finance, I want to raise the standard of integrity, transparency, and education in the financial industry even for family A’s.  These families consist of those that make less than 100k a year, may rent their homes instead of own, work hard in jobs and may not be able to afford a financial planner. I’m currently offering free consultations and promise you will learn something more about your own finances without any obligation.
I was raised in Family B.  My father opened Merrill Lynch in Tokyo, Japan.  Money was not a concern.  I became a single mom in my early twenties and discovered very fast what it is like to be a family A and struggle and feed my daughter split pea soup to survive. With my MBA started at age 50, I learned a lot more about finance and want to spread that education.
I’m different because I have been raised as a foreigner ( that’s what Gaijin means in Japanese) in multiple countries. This gives me a wide perspective and allows me to empathize with clients from many different backgrounds.
I went to first grade in Panama.  I grew up in Tokyo, Japan.  I traveled all across the United States ( what you don’t think there are a lot of cultures in our country?  There are 😃) and to Italy and Germany with Up With People International performing and staying in people’s homes and doing public relations work.
I have tutored for multiple branches of the royal family of Qatar in the Middle East.  The woman who hired me into my current financial firm comes from the royal family of Afghanistan.  I love people and I do believe in world peace.  I know that’s a stretch but it is possible.
I’m living life my own way and invite you to do the same.
Simplicity.  Systems.  Strategy.

How do you see time and money in your own life?  How would you like it to be different?

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