How often do you feel as though you are truly in the present moment? In the here and in the now, experiencing life as it comes to you instead of imagining how it should be in your mind? As entrepreneurs we spend most of our days up there spinning around and around in our heads, dreaming up the next big idea we have for our business or planning for an upcoming launch of our first workshop or wishing we were on the cover of O Magazine even though it’s only ever Oprah herself, which you always thought was kind of peculiar but you’re not one to criticize the divine Miss O.

Even though your brain is looking out for you, it can actually be quite a distraction. And it can be bad for your health to stay up there all the time too. We need to remember that the only time we ever actually “control” is this time, the next few minutes laid out in front of us. And it’s a challenge to make the most of those precious few minutes if we don’t settle ourselves and get grounded first.

For me, my biggest recent experience with staying grounded comes in my trip back to Northern California from Qatar. It was a huge transition as you can imagine, in every way, from adjusting my body to the right time of day to switching over the food I eat back to American cuisine. Even being able to read the lettering on the signs around me was a change. All of it took a bit of getting used to again—a dramatic pause in the way that I live my life. Time to reset. Time to simply be. Time to sink my roots back into the ground so that I can stand tall again in myself and in my world.

I want you to think about how staying grounded relates to you and your business. I know in these blogs I use myself as the example, but I’m hoping they bring value to you in terms of how they relate to YOUR life. Perhaps you haven’t recently come back from a big trip on the other side of the planet, but maybe you just had a baby or experienced a career transition. You have probably experienced big changes in your business. Maybe you shifted focus on what you were selling or you drastically altered your prices or where you get your clients. Maybe you wrote a book and now you’re trying to share that message. These are all times when you need to take a moment to yourself and get grounded, however that looks best to you.

It can even be on a smaller level. Like, for example sometimes when I come back from the gym and I’m all riled up from the exercise, I need to allow myself time to ground. For you it might be that you’re a mother with young children, and Monday through Friday you need to take the time to get them ready for school in the morning. It’s a whirlwind of getting kids dressed and loaded up with lunches and making sure everybody has their homework assignments and their field trip permission slips before you walk them to the bus. I know it can be tempting to rush back to your home office (kitchen table?) and get straight to work on your 15, 20, 100 things that you have to do for your business.

This should come before you start any work, before you switch on the laptop or check your email on your phone or run down your to-do list or do any of the things that we do first thing in the morning when all of the happiness and productivity research suggests we should be taking this morning time for ourselves.

And take more than just a minute or two. Take a good amount of time to breathe, as much as you can comfortably fit, and just sit still. Pour yourself a mug of tea or water with lemon or whatever it is that calms your spirit and your body and allow yourself to ground. I promise that if you allow yourself to get grounded first, it will be a lot simpler to focus. It will be a lot simpler to take care of that number one priority you put on your to-do list last night.

Try it and let me know how it works in the comments below. Sending you huge hugs from wherever I am in the world to wherever you are in the world. Have a glorious, glorious day.

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