Today I want to share with you another tip on finding clarity. You can use this one for whatever struggles you are going through in your personal life, in your business or both. Remember, you are the source of all of the answers you seek—no matter what the questions are, you hold your own truth within you. And one way to discover those answers is to listen to your body signals.

This is a tip I picked up from my dear, dear friend and coach Lindsey Lewis from Libre Living. (If this speaks to you, I encourage you to go over to her blog for a beautiful article on body signals.) Lindsey taught me to use my own body as a scanner. (Beep beep beep.) This concept has changed the way I make decisions, and I know it has been a powerful tool for countless others as well.

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly living up in my head instead of being present with my body. I get caught running circles up there, repeating “Go go go!” and “Do do do!” I forget to eat lunch sometimes. I forget to stay hydrated. I might not even realize how exhausted my body is until it makes me stop working. For some of us, we are so out of tune with our body signals that we push ourselves to the point of illness, and we don’t rest until we are forced to.

Think about all of the signals you receive from the world around you: the notification noises on your phone, new emails, police sirens outside, dogs barking, TV commercials, people talking. There are times when it feels like the world is shouting so loudly it’s all we can hear. We forget that we have our own set of internal alarms, our own warning systems and buzzers. We forget about our body signals.

This idea feeds on one of the previous blogs on meditation, silence and contemplation. Again, we must remember that we can allow clarity to rise up naturally instead of strong arming it into submission. Noticing our body signals is one free and simple way to do that.

I want you think back to a time that was particularly joyful and fun for you. A moment filled with wonder and peace. A greatest hit in your life you’d love to relive over and over. Now, remember what your body felt like in that state. What were your shoulders doing? Your back? Your feet? What was going on in your stomach? How did your skin feel? For me, it’s all about flow. My shoulders are down and back, my breathing is easy, and I’m smiling. It’s not the broadest of smiles—it’s not about the giggles, just about that inner glow that permeates my being when I’m doing what’s right for me.

Describe your body signals when you’re in your own state of flow. Pay attention to your posture, the look on your face, the ease in your movement.

Now remember a time when you made a decision that just didn’t sit right with you, and pay attention to these new body signals. For me when I am not living my truth I can feel it. My throat begins to tighten. It feels like there’s a weight pressing down on my chest. My breathing becomes sharp. There’s a ball of stuck energy in my abdomen and my lower back.

Then when you are faced with an opportunity to search for clarity, run all of your options through the body signals test. I did this myself when I decided to move to Qatar. My body responded well, and I did choose to go.

Bodies really do respond to us. That’s why I now have a Mind, Body and Spirit page, because I am so passionate about viewing things from a holistic perspective. If you’ve ever done yoga (one of my personal favorites), you already know that your body can teach you miraculous things. Feel your body signals and use that wisdom in your quest for clarity.

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