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It is almost Valentine’s Day 2015! It is really amazing how fast time flies. In our last blog about clarity, I talked about appreciating the moments of stillness amidst the busyness of the days.  If you missed that post, you can read it here.

I love meditation. It is my favorite tool for staying in touch with a higher power. It gives me time and clarity to know what I want and what I should do. And guess what? It also prepares me to do the next best thing – verbalizing my thoughts to someone close to me.

Do you still remember how it felt when your high school crush started to take notice of you? How about when your sweetheart popped that question with the ring? And when you saw the three lines on your pregnancy test? I know. It’s overwhelming.

I am so happy!

 This is unbelievable!

 So he likes me too, huh?

 What will be the design of my gown?

 What if we have a girl?

And the next thing you know, you are sharing all these thoughts with a friend or family member. There is something refreshing and nurturing about talking to someone. We all want to feel connected.  You have already recognized your own feelings and ideas. But it just feels good to say them out loud.

Sharing your thoughts with someone lets you hear yourself and  see things more clearly.  The cherry on top is when that someone sheds even more light on your thoughts and ideas. Don’t hesitate to ask others for advice.  This is something my father taught me at an early age. People love it when you come to them. They feel flattered and special when you talk about even your tiniest or most candid idea.

When you want to find clarity, sit with a buddy over tea or green juice. You can even hang out on that old bench in the park or go for a walk together as an entrepreneurial way of multi tasking and getting some exercise.  Lay out everything on the table. Don’t spare even that most absurd idea of yours. Talk. Connect. Collaborate. Listen.

There are some who find it difficult to talk. Don’t be afraid to bare it all when you talk your way to clarity. No judgment! Just throw everything out in the open. We have to know what our priorities are in order to be in their flow. Sometimes, it takes talking these through with someone for the priorities and ideas to come out.

And as you do, be aware of what you say out loud. It’s not as redundant as it seems, okay? You also need to listen to your own thoughts. This will allow you to see a new point of view. Sometimes, the answers are just there all along. When we start talking, we can discover the direction we need to take.

It won’t always be  easy . Sometimes it’s scary to share our thoughts and ideas. Sometimes, you can get overwhelmed with a lot of ideas when you talk. But verbalizing your thoughts is one baby step to achieving clarity. Work it out. If it fails, keep on going. It doesn’t have to be perfect! You just have to keep moving forward.

In the comments below, tell us when was the last time you reached out to someone?



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