Where in the world are you reading from today? Are you in the Middle East? Japan? Australia? North Carolina? What season is it there? What beautiful things are happening right outside your window that you might not be noticing because you’re working so hard lately? Where can you find a little wiggle room in your day to fit in a walking meditation?

My husband and I live in Northern California on an organic farm, and every spring we are blessed with the most beautiful buds blooming outside our windows on our apricot trees. While viewing them from inside is a blessing, nothing beats walking underneath those bright flowers in the warm sun and the fresh air. My German Shepard Belle (or “beauty” in French) certainly agrees with me! Every day she comes to sit beside me as I work on my business, waiting patiently for me to take her on the path around our property. We’ve been around it so many times I know exactly how long the walk will take us: one hour and fifteen minutes.

But lately I have been pretty busy with my business, and as much as I would love to take my darling girl on those daily walks, I simply haven’t been able to find the time to do so.

I know you can burn a lot of calories by going to the gym (good news if you love to eat like I do!) but there are so many benefits to walking. There’s something about getting out into nature that’s very, very peaceful. Consider it more than just walking. Consider it a walking meditation.

When I take this regular stroll with Belle, all of the sudden all of these ideas flood into my head—and not just about my business although that is one of the biggest areas of my life, but also about my family and other things. These walking meditations are about balancing out my life, about giving back to myself, about giving back to my family, and to allow the things that I love into my life like quilting and fun and creativity to easily flow into my life. For you, walking meditation might bring you something completely different. It might help you clear your head about your romantic relationship or the price you charge for your work or the fight you’ve been in with your sister.

 I want to invite you to, when you’re stuck in your business or you’re burned out because you’ve been sitting all day at your computer, take a walk. Leave your iPhone and ear buds at home and tune in with nature instead. Pay attention to the color of the sky, the breeze as it blows your hair off your face, the electric green of the moss on the trees, the oranges and yellows on the flowers blossoming.

You don’t have to adhere to the hour and fifteen minutes that Belle and I do. Fit in as much of a walking meditation as you can, whether that’s twenty minutes here and there or you go for two hours straight. As with everything I write here on the GaijinWorks International Business Coaching blog, I want you to take what resonates with you and apply it to your own life. It might be that you aren’t interested in going to live in another country like I did when I went to Qatar or that you don’t revel in project management applications as much as I do. That’s all perfectly okay as long as you pay attention to the parts that do speak to you and your intuition and then use those parts in your life.

Have a happy spring and enjoy those walking meditations. Did you get an idea or two for your business? I bet you did! Write me in the comments below.

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