Welcome back to our most recent blog series on feng shuiing your business. You may not know this about me, but I actually grew up in Tokyo, Japan, and I absolutely adored it. The Eastern wisdom I picked up during my childhood is an important part of my inner foundation both spiritually and in my business. Today I want to talk to you about how you can use the concept of yin and yang to find balance in your own life too.

I’m no expert in Eastern philosophy, so I’m sharing my own perceptions of yin and yang with you and how you can utilize them to honour all of yourself, both your lightness and your darkness equally.

Yin and yang typically represent two opposing sides: masculine and feminine. I like to think about them in terms of giving and receiving energies. Each of them is important to a healthy harmony in your day.

On one side of the coin, we have the active masculine yang energy. This is the “Go, go, go” rush behind being super productive. As business owners, of course, we need this. This is how we get things done. This is how we pay our bills. This is how we keep our doors open.

The yang is met by its opposite, the yin (or feminine) energy. This is our time to receive, to reflect. It’s not checking email or zoning out in front of the television. Yin is quiet. It’s open. It could look like going on a walking meditation or sipping your tea and allowing time to ground. It’s in these moments where something within us is cracked open and our creativity flows out (or in? It certainly feels like both sometimes, doesn’t it?). They are our lightning bolt moments. Yin is the universe popping up to say hello and give us fresh, brilliant, joyful ideas.

“As long as I am productive, I matter.”

 It seems to have been drilled into me to feel the guilt swell up when I’m not in my masculine energy, and I have to be very conscious of this in my business. Remember, yin is not zero. Receiving is just as vital to a successful business as giving. Feminine energy is equally as powerful as masculine, but you need both in balance in your business.

“Receiving is just as vital to a successful business as giving.”

“Feminine energy is equally as powerful as masculine, but you need both in balance in your business.”

I want to encourage you to think about that yin-yang balance in your life and to enjoy it, play with it, notice it, be mindful, be aware. Remember that you have control over how you spend your days and your weeks, so be mindful to match your rhythms in your day to yin and yang and you’ll feel more in line with your joy.

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