When I lived in Japan, I absorbed many things from the country’s culture: the love for tea, the vocabulary, even some of the water from their pools when I competed as a swimmer in the Japanese all nationals! But few things have stuck with me the way the idea of feng shui has.

You may be wondering why I’d be so obsessed with furniture arrangement. You see, to me feng shui isn’t just about the way you position your bed—it’s about the way you live your whole life. It’s about being in the flow with yourself and the universe surrounding you. It’s listening and responding calmly in the right direction. And it’s a crucial concept in time management.

"#FengShui isn’t just the way you position your bed. It’s about the way you live your life."

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Think about your priorities over the past year, the past five years, the past ten years. I bet they’ve changed. Mine certainly have. As the months and years tick by, the things that were once important to us no longer are, and yet so often we continue to hang onto them, allowing them to confuse our mindset.

My younger years were so frantic and rushed. I needed to always be in motion and to use every single minute up in order to feel productive. Have you ever felt like that? That you just had this pressure on you to get things done?

If I had maintained that way of living my life, I would have burned out hard. But I didn’t. I was able to let it slide away in favor of a new relationship with time. As I’ve aged I’ve learned to slow down and to appreciate life as it happens. I notice and am grateful for moments with my friends, my family and all of you.

We have to know what our current priorities are, what’s essential for us now, in order to be in their flow. I want to teach you how to identify what’s important to this version of you and how to single out (and scrub away) any old concepts that might be cluttering up your relationship to time. They keep you too busy and out of alignment with the universe.

"We have to know what our current priorities are, in order to be in their flow."

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Wouldn’t it be more fun to be you? To honor your soul and to give yourself the gift of time?

Letting go of old beliefs can make your life feel more peaceful and less chaotic. Instead of being at war with the way things are, you’ll be in-line with them, and when you allow yourself that freedom you end up being more efficient and productive in the end.

"Letting go of old beliefs can make your #life feel more peaceful and less chaotic."

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If you haven’t seen my webinar on time management yet, click the link below and help set yourself free from some of that internal clutter. I’m also delighted to announce that I’m in the stages of building you a great resource for feng shuiing your time management too. We’ll be releasing it in early 2015.

Don't miss the chance to check out my Time Management Webinar - Reclaiming Your YOU Time below.

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